1. Name of The Association


What is IUOSA?
IUOSA means International Unity of Oromo Society Association. IUOSA is an association created under the umbrella/shed of Oromummaa foundation. It is led and run under the structure and leadership of Oromummaa foundation.

2. Mission and Goal

The Mission, vision and goals of IUOSA as formulated by the Oromummaa foundation are:

  • To help Oromo refugees, prisoners and orphaned children
  • To organize a united and International Oromo community organization under one structure and administration. That means to put together ourselves under one umbrella without dividing ourselves along our region, political affiliation or religion. It is only with unity that we can achieve our predestined aspiration and rights, in unity we can help those who are in need of our support in different parts of the world.

For many reasons Oromo communities living in diaspora in different countries do not have a well organized structured vibrant social organization. And those at home, Oromia are under constant harassment and suppression by the government of Ethiopia. Rampant killings, detention and fleeing from their cradle land became their normal life.

Therefore, IUOSA with stronger participation of new generation and women strives to form Oromo social organization as International level.

Though the intention of the International Oromo Social organization is to help Oromo refugees, prisoners and orphaned children morally, materially, financially and by giving human right protection, it also stresses on the unity of the Oromo people. IUOSA also participates on other Oromo issues wherever necessary.

So, in general, IUOSA works for the respect of Oromo Human rights, to help the vulnerable and victims of Ethiopian government and to develop its history, culture, politics, knowledge, health care, and economic development. It also works for closer cooperation with the societies of the world.

  • As drafted by Oromummaa foundation, it is the organization’s vision, goal and wish that liberty, peace, democracy and development be realized in Oromia, Ethiopia and East African region.

The programs of IUOSA are drafted or formulated by Oromummaa foundation. It has different key points in it. The programs are open for debate, correction and comment by different professionals, experts and people with different experiences and knowledge. If unnecessary points are identified, they will be deleted or amended. Up on recommendations and comments by the above stakeholders important points can be added. In general the program of IUOSA will be finalized and adopted after necessary comments, corrections and positive criticisms are made.

3. Logo

The Logo of IUOSA and Oromummaa foundation is crafted from four different badges or symbols. They are Odaa tree, thirty edged sun, Eleven stars and a white back ground/board.   

3.1. Meaning of the symbols in the Logo

3.1.1 Odaa tree: is a symbol of Oromummaa(Oromoness), aspiration for development of a country and represents people’s love for peace.

3.1.2 Sun: represents the participation of all Oromos living in different part of the world, unlimited gift and human rights for all.

3.1.3 Eleven stars: Equality and unity of the Oromo people.

3.1.4 White board (against which the logo of the organization is put represents) peace, transparency and justice.

3.2 Additional symbols
3.2.1 Interjection/Motto: The motto of this organization is “Let’s do good things!” This motto can be used at the beginning or end of the organizations letters or any written documents or can be used orally or can be a symbol of the organization. The motto shall give power or make the objective of this organization alive and be loved. To do a good thing or a right thing shames no one, make no one fear about it. Therefore nothing can hinder a plan set on the value for doing something good. 

3.2.2 Green color: Green is a symbol of gift of nature, fertility, development, shed and peace. Therefore, Oromummaa foundation and/ or IUOSA use green color in its official writings or postings.

4. IUOSA’s view and its stand
4.1 It respects the rights of all individual, nation and nationalities.

4.2 It adheres on the principle of gender equality.

4.3 It respects all religions equally.

4.4 IUOSA will encourage Oromo social organizations, NGOs and different associations and will have cordial and brotherly relationships with them.

4.5 The organization recognizes and will have equal Oromummaa respect for all Oromo political organizations struggling for the rights of the Oromo people.

4.6 Unless it helps to build friendly relationship between and among Oromo political organizations so that they stop unhealthy and destructive propaganda against one another, the organization favors no Oromo political organization against the other.

4.7 The organization studies and identifies from time to time and assists Oromo political organizations demonstrating exemplary performance towards the achievement of the struggle for the rights of the Oromo people. The assistance is meant to encourage those who are championing for the realization of the freedom, human rights and democracy for their people.

4.8 Oromo political Organizations can only receive financial assistance from IUOSA only if they do not have any problem with IUOSA’s objectives and activities, and also recognize the necessity of its formation. That can be done by official written letter to IUOSA by respective executive organs of the organizations, or through mass media, or if the ratification of the same be done on mass gatherings by the organizations.

4.9 The organization also gives humanitarian assistance for those victimized while on struggle for the rights of their people.

4.10 IUOSA will not make any assistance to the so called Oromo organization like OPDO because they are violating the rights of their people.  But our organization will try its best to work on the members of this organization instead of them becoming an impediment to the wishes and aspirations of their people; they turn back to the right cause so that they join other Oromo organizations working for their people.


5.1 He/she must be an Oromo national (He whose father and mother Oromo or one of them an Oromo)

5.2 A family of an Oromo (She/he who married an Oromo), he/she who became an Oromo by Guddifachaa (adoption)  and assimilation and respects Oromo history, culture, religion and identity as his/her own. And he/who does not oppose the Oromo people’s struggle for freedom, democracy and Human rights.    

5.3 Age must be 18 and above

5.4 16-18 age group can participate and registered in the organization just as supporters. (But will not vote and voted in or will not involve in rights and obligations of members activities).

5.5. Ineligibility for membership: Those who are working in the security,   defense, police force and political administration of the current government of Ethiopia and their likes will have no place in IUOSA and cannot be members of this organization. Because they are directly or indirectly assisting Ethiopian government advocating and used as a tool in executing the policy of suppression against their people and the people of that country in general.


6.1 Obligations
6.1.1 Respect the constitution and law of the organization

6.1.2 He/she has the obligation to report to concerned body if s/he finds or has credible evidence that an individual or group are conspiring for the downfall of the organization or trying to become an obstacle to the running of the organization.

6.1.3 Members from different organizations should respect each other as equals in this organization

6.1.4 He/she should pay his/her monthly contribution when ratified by the General assembly

6.1.5 Members should participate in meetings physically or online networks like pal talk when necessary

6.1.6 He who filled and signed a membership form is considered as a member. Therefore, filling and signing a membership form is a must.

6.2 Rights
6.2.1 Members have all the rights to freely forward constructive opinion, ideas, criticism, or questions on meetings or in writings to the organization

6.2.2 Members have all the right to donate anything he/she can either in cash or in kind for the betterment of the organization. He/she has the right to help this organization with his knowledge or skills

6.2.3 He/she has the right to receive official receipt when he/she pays for membership contributions or any kind of donations

6.2.4 He/she has the right to enquire whether money/assets collected from time to time are properly spent for the intended objective of the organization.

6.2.5 Members have the right to promote the ideals of this organization as a person or in group. He/she has the right to teach the objective and goal of the organization

6.2.6 She/he has the right to vote or voted in. (He/she has the right to elect and be elected)

6.2.7 He/she has the right to leave the organization up on written letter to the organization. But when members withdraw themselves from the organization, the money they paid or any assets they had donated to the organization will not be refunded.

6.2.8 Non Oromo citizens who support the cause and aspirations of the Oromo people and wish to support the organization can be registered as supporters of this organization and they can offer whatever support they can to the organization. Oromos who also support the objective of the organization, but don’t want to be registered as regular members by taking the obligations and rights as per the constitution and by-laws of the organization can also do the same.



1. Maqaa Waldaa


WTUOGA jechuun maal jechuudha?
WTUOGA jechuun Waldaa Tokkummaa Ummata Oromoo Guutuu Addunyaa jechuudha. WTUOGAn Gaaddisa “Oromummaa Foundationi” jalatti Waldaa hundeeffamee dha. Kanaafuu ijaarsi WTUOGA Oromummaa Foundationitiin gaggeefamaa jira.

2.    Kaayyoo

Kaayyoon WTUOGA wuxinee Oromumaa Foundationi tiin karoorfamee dhiyaate:

  • Baqattoota Oromoo, Hidhamtoota Siyaasaa fi Daa’imman maatii hin qabne gargaaruu dha.
  • Akkasumas Ilmaan Oromoo Biyya Alaa fi Biyya Oromiyaa keessa jiraatan ilaalcha siyaasaan, kutaan amantiin otoo wal hin qoodin naannolee kaasee hanga guutuu addunyuutti ijaarsa caasaa tokkoo, hawaasummaan ijaaruudha. Kana jechuun gamtaan Mirga saba ufii kabajachiisuu, rakkataa ufii gargaaruu jechuudha.

Hawwasinni Oromoo biyya Aambaa adda addaa keessa jiraatu sababa adda addaa tiin kan ka’e gurmuu sirnaa, ijaarsa wal-qabataa ta’e hin qabu. Hawwasinni Oromoo biyya abbaa isaa,Oromiyaa keessa jiraatummoo mirga isaa tiif akka hin falmanne ajjeefamaa, hidhamaa, biyyaa hari’amaa jira.

Kana waan ta’eef WTUOGAn, Dhaloota harayaa fi Dubartootaan sochii cimaa godhuun Ummatinni Oromoo sadarkaa guutuu Addunyaatti  sirna Bulchiinsaa Hawaasummaa tokko akka qabaatu godha.

Caasaa tokkoon sadarkaa guutuu Addunyaatti hawaasummaa dhaan ijaarsi wal qabatu kun Baqattoota Oromoo, Hidhamtoota Siyaasaa fi Daa’imman maatii hin qabne gargaaruu’rratti, Tokkummaa ummata Oromoo cimsuu’rratti xiyeefannoo addaa haa qabaatu malee dhimmoota Saba/Ummata Oromoo ilaatu hundaa’rratti qooda barbaachisaa ta’ee nifudhata .

Kanaafuu akka yaada walii galaatti sochiin WTUOGA, Ummatinni Oromoo  mirga Namoomaa isaa akka kabajchiifatu, rakkataa isaa akka gargaaratu, Seenaa, aadaa, siyaasa, beekkumsaa fi diinagdee isaa akka dagaagfatu akkasumas hawaasa addunyaa waliin walitti dhufeenya cimaa akka qabaatutti hojjata.

  • Akkuma wuxinee Oromummaa Foundation tiin barreefamaan karoorfametti  fedhii blisummaa, nageenya, “dimokiraasii” fi Misoominni Oromiyaa keessatti akkasumas Itoopiyaa fi naannoo gaanfa Afrikaatti akka dhugoomuu guchuutu galama kaayyoo WTUOGA ti.

Bifuma kanaan akkaataa WTUOGAn ijaaramuu qabutti wuxiineen Oromummaa Foundationin qophaa’ee jira. Waxineen kun qapxii ijoo ta’an adda addaa uf keessaa kan qabuudha.

Wuxineen Oromummaa Foundationin qophaa’ee kun namoota beekkumsaa fi muuxannoo garaagaaraa qabaataniin akkasumas miseensotaan akka xinxalamuu taasifama. Qapxiileen barbaachisaa hin taane yoo jiraatan, ni haqamu ykn ni foyyeeffamu. Qapxiin kan itti dabalamuu qabaniis yoo jiraatte akka itti ida’amuu taasifama. Akkuma walii galaati wuxineen ykn seerri  WTUOGA bifa Uumatinni Oromoo irratti walii galuu dandayuun gulaalamee hojiirra akka ooluu taasifama.

3. Aasxaa WTUOGA ykn Oromummaa Foundation ittiin beekkamu.

Asxaan WTUOGA ykn Oromummaa Foundation halluu ykn mallattoo akaakuu adda addaa afur’rraa qindeefame. Mallattoon arfan kunis:


_Biiftuu Qara Soddomaa

_Urjii lakkoofsaan- 11

_Gabatee ykn ”Boordii”Adii

3.1 Hiikka Aasxaa,
3.1.1 Odaan mallattoo Oromummaa, hawwii Dagaaina biyyaa, fi fedhii Ummata Nageenyaa dhaabbate bakka bu’ee muldhisa.

3.1.2 Biiftuun Qooda fudhannaa Oromoota hundaa kutaalee Addunyaa garaagaraa keessa jiraatan, Kennaa ykn gargaarsa hin daangefamne, Mirga Uumamaa hundaaf kajedhu bakka bu’a.

3.1.3 Urjiin 11 walqixxummaa fi Tokkummaa Ummata Oromoo bakka bu’a.

3.1.4 Gabateen ykn “Boordiin” Adii (kan Asxxaan Waldaa kanaa irratti maxxanfamu) Nageenya, Qulqullina, Haqa muldhisa.

3.2 Mallattoo Dabalata
3.2.1 jecha/dhaadannoo “Waan Bayeessa haa Hojjannu!” kan jedhu Mataduree ykn Guduunfaa barreefamaa, haasawaa akkasumas mallattoo jecha Waldaan kun ittiin beekkamu ta’ee tajaajila. Jechi kun umna ykn kaayyoo Waldaa kanaa jabaa fi jaalatamaa taasisa. Waan Beyeessa hojjachuun nama hin salfachiisu, nama hin sodaachisu. Kanaafuu Waan Bayeessa hojjachuuf wuxinee kaayyefamee kana wanti duubatti  deebisu hin jiru.

3.2.2Halluu Magarisaa;- Magariisinni fakkii Kennaa uumaa, Jiidha, Dagaagina, Gaaddisa, Nageenya muldhisa. Kanaafuu Oromummaa Foundation ykn WTUOGAn Galmee Magarissa akkasumas barreefama Halluu/ Qalama Magariisaan fayyadama.

4. Ejjannoo Ilaalchaa WTUOGA

4.1 Mirga nam-tokkoo kaasee mirga Sabaa fi Sab lammootaa hundayyuu ni kabaja

4.2 Dhiiraa fi  Dhalaaf kabaja namoomaa walqixaa qabaataaf,

4.3 Waldaan kun  Amantii kamiifiyyuu kabaja wal qixa qabaataaf,

4.4 Waldaan kun Jaarmiyaalee hawwaasa Oromoo, NGO, fi Waldaalee garaagaraa ni jajjabeessaa waliti dhufeenya gaarii ni qabaata,

4.5 Waldaan kun jaarmiyaalee Siyaasa Oromoo Mirga saba isaani tiif falman hundayyu ilaalcha kabaja Oromummaa tiin wal qixa ilaala,

4.6 Jaarmiyooleen Siyaasa Oromoo walirratti bobba’uu dhiisanii jabaatanii mirga saba isaanii tiif akka falman jidduu isaanii nageenya buusuu yaaluun ala Waldaan kun ijaarsa siyaasa tokko deeggaree tokkoon hin mormu,

4.7 Jaarmiyooleen siyaasaa Oromoo mirga sabaaf jecha sochii qabsoo Bilisummaa muldhataa fi qabatamaa ta’e yeroodha gara yerootti raawwatan xinxalee madaaluudhan Waldaan kun gargaarsa ni godhaaf. Gargaarsi kun gargaarsa tattaaffi mirga namoomaa kabachisuu fi “demokiraasii” ummataa dhugoomsuuf sochii godhamuuf kennama.

4.8 Jaarmiyoleen siyaasa Oromoo gargaarsa maallaqaa WTUOGA’rraa kan argachuu dandayan kaayyoo fi sochii WTUOGA ‘rratti mormii yoo hin qabaannee, barbaachisummaa isaa yoo dhugoomsan qofaadha. Kunis qaama ol-aanaa Jaarmiyaa siyaasaa’rraa ejjannoo WTUOGA’rratti qaban xalayaan yoo mirkaneefame, ykn sab-qunnamtii Ummataa tiin yoo labsame, ykn wal-gayii Ummataraatti yoo labsiin mirkaneefameedha.

4.9 Lammii falmii mirgaa sabaa’rratti midhaan adda addaa irra ga’eef Waldaan kun gargaarsa namoomaa ni godhaaf

4.10 Gargaarsi Jaarmiyoolee Siyaasaa Oromoo tiif godhgamu Jaarmiyoolee Siyaasaa qajeelfama diina Oromoo tiin ykn Mootummaa Itoopia tiin socho’an, kan akka OPDO hin ilaalatu. Sababni isaa mirga Sabaa dhiita wanta jiraniif. Garuu dhiitta mirga sabaa’rraa gara nagaatti deebi’anii akkuma Jaarmiyoolee siyaasa Oromoo kabiroo Mirga saba isaanii tiif akka falman Wadaan kun carraaqqii nogodha,

5. Ulaagaa miseensummaa

5.1. Nama Lammii Oromoo kan ta,e, (Abbaa fi haadhaan ykn gama tokkoon Oromoo’rraa kan dhalate),

5.2. Maatii Oromoo kan ta’e(kan dhiira Oromootti eerumte ykn kan dhalaa Oromoo fuudhe, kan Oromummaa fudhate/fudhatte) ykn nama Oromaayee. Kana jechuun nama fuudhaa fi eerumaan matii Oromooti makamee jiraatu akkasumas Guddifachaan kana Oromummaa fudhate/fudhatte nama seenaa, addaa, amantii fi enyummaa Oromoof kabaja qabu/qabdu, dhiittaa mirga namoomaa Uummata Oromoo’rra jiru kan hubatee beekuu/beektu, Bilisummaa Oromoof jecha qabsoo gaggeefamu kan hin mormine.

5.3 Umuriin 18 (kudha saddeeti) fi sana oli,

5.4. Umurii 16_18 miseensa deeggaraa ta’anii qooda fudhachuu ni dandayuu (garuu filuu fi filatamuu hin dandayani, dirqamni adda addaa itti hin kennamu),

5.5. Miseensummaa Daangeffame, Siyaasaa Mootummaa Itoophiyaa keessatti qooda guddaa kan qaban kana akka Tikka , Raayyaa Waraanaa,  Poolisa, Bulchiinsa Siyaasaa fi kanneen kana fafakkaataniitti Oromootinni miseensummaan Mootummaa Itoopiyaaf dalagaa’rra  jiran miseensa (WTUOGA) ta’uu hin dandayan,

6. Mirgaa fi Dirqama Miseensotaa

6.1 Dirqama:
6.1.1 Heeraa fi Seera waldichaa kabajuu,

6.1.2 Qaama ykn Nama sochii waldaa kanaa gufachiisuuf socho’u odeefannoo qabatamaa yoo argatan raga qabatamaan Waldaa kanatti (Oromummaa Foundationatti) qaama dhimmi ilaalatutti gabaasuu,

6.1.3 Miseensaa Jaarmiyaalee Oromoo adda addaa ta’uu dhaan waldaa kana keessatti qooda yeroo fudhatan miseensa hundayyuu ija obbolummaa Oromummaan wal-qixa ilaaluu, kabaja walii qabaachuu

6.14 Miseensotinni akka dandeetti isaanitti busii baatii akka buusan yoo koreen/miseensotaan murtaa’e rammaddii murtaa’e busii baatii buusuu, Akka sadarakaa  jireenyaa isaaniitti/akka dandeetti isaanitti baatii baatiidhaan Euro 2.00 ykn 5.00 ykn 10.00 ykn sanaa ol buusii buusu, Euro qofa osoo hin ta’iin biyya keessa jiraatanitti Qarshii itti fayadaman akkuma haalli eyyamutti buusiin baatii ramadamuu mala, (ammaaf gruu hanga miseensi walii gala mariatee murtee tokko hin kenninetti miseensotinni buusii baatii hin kafallan)

6.1.5 Yeroo mariin miseensotaa jiru walgahii irratti akkuma barbaachisaa ta’etti Qaamanis ta’e sarara “paaltoo tiin” marii’rratti argamu,  

6.1.6 Nama unkaa miseensummaa sirnaan guute qofaatu miseensa jedhama. Kanaafuu unkaa Miseensummaa guutuun dirqama.

6.2 Mirga
6.2.1 Yaada ijaarsaa, mormii, qeeqa, fi gaaffii qaban bilisaan marii miseensaa’rratti ibsachuu, ykn barruun dhiyeefachuu mirga qqabu,

6.2.2 Yeroo barbaachisaa ta'ee argametti gargaarsa maallaqaa (buusii baatii tiin alatti) jechuudha hanga humni isaanii danda'e ykn hanga sammuun isaanii eeyyame gumaachuu danda'u, Akkasumas Ogummaa ykn Dandeetti qabniin Gumaacha addaa gochuu ni dandayu.

6.2.3 Yeroo qarshii Waldaaf Gumaachan Nagayee/Rissiita gaafachuu ykn fudhachuu mirga qabu.

6.2.4 Gumaachi ykn qarshiin karaa adda addaa Waldaa fi galii ta’e sirnaan hojiirra ooluu isaa Akkasumas sochiin Waldaa kanaa yeroodha gara yerootti haala akkamiirra akka jiru odeefannoo gaafatee deebii argachuuf mirga qaba.

6.2.5 Sochiin Waldaa kanaa babaldhachuu akka dandayutti tattaaffi waloo fi dhuunfaa gochuu, namoota kaayyoo fi adeemsa waldaa kanaa hin hubane hubachiisuu

6.2.6 Filuuf filatamuuf mirga qabu. 

6.2.7 Yeroo haalli isaanii hin mijoofnetti ykn yeroo miseensummmaa dhiisuu barbaadan waldaaf xalayaa barreessuu dhaan miseensummaa isaanii dhiisuu ni danda'u. Qarshiin isaan kafalan ykn kennaan isaan Jaarmiyaa kanaaf kennan hin deebiyu.

6.2.8 Namootinni Lammii Oromoo hin taane, garuu Mirga dhaabiinsa ilmaan Oromoo hubachuu dhaan sochii Waldaa kanaa cina dhaabbachuu kan barbaadan deegaraa yaada tannii galmaa’udhaan yeroo barbaachisaa ta’e akka haalli isaanii mijateet gargaarsa  adda ddaa gochuu ni dandayu. Oromootinni miseensa Waldichaa ta’uudhaan Mirgaa fi Dirqama Seenuu kan hin barbaadinnllee bifuma wal-fakkaatuun qooda deeggaraa fudhachuu ni dandayu.

Music clip

Kadir ka Martuu;
Hello Oromia!