Oromummaa Foundation’s and IUOSA’s

Planed program

1. Oromummaa Award Festival

Oromummaa Award Festival will be the type of festival for a week commencing on first to second weekend of August in Amersfoort city of The Netherlands. And it will have continuity once every year in Netherlands or in one of the countries of Europe or in others continents. The weeklong festival covers different activities which as indicated below.

The key points of Oromummaa Award Festival consist of:-

_The Witness of Oromummaa,
_Live Music,
_Queen of Oromia,
_Humanitarian Organizations Workshop,
_World sound Together
_Disco Night,
_Oromo Unity workshop,
_Oromummaa Award,
_African Peace and Development work shop,
_Queen of Africa
_Global Socio-cultural integrations,
_Queen of the World and etc...

2. OCO (Oromo Contact Office)

OCO (Oromo Contact Office) will open in Netherlands. For the purpose of:-

  1. Working /helping Refugees/Immigrants
  2. Advocating human Rights and Humanity issues
  3. Organizing IUOSA
  4. Developing Global Society Integrations

3. ORTV (Oromo Radio and Television)

ORTV (Oromo Radio and Television) service could be through pal talk network and will be loaded on Oromummaa foundation’s website.  
The ORTV could serve for the purpose of:-

  1. Announcement of human Rights and Humanity issues,
  2. Socio-cultural development
  3. For exchanging information and knowledge
  4. To build up peaceful unity.

4. ORHC (Oromo Refugee Helping Centre)

in Nairobi Kenya
The office of ORHC could give the following functions:-  

  1. Refugees rights (asylum seeker recognition and resettlement program)
  2. Health care (primary health care and counselling service)
  3. Financial aid, moral and material supplement and others support for basic necessity (Food shelter, Cloth, etc...)
  4. Education facilities (especially for children)

5. OJHS (Oromo Justice and Humanity Service) in Finfinnee Oromia/Ethiopia

The office of OJHS could give the functions of:-

  1. Humanity support
  2. Justice and Human Rights activities
  3. Solving the problems of  orphaned children
  4. Ideological development consultancy (improvement of life situation)

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