Oromummaa Foundation

Oromummaa Foundation is a humanitarian organisation concerned with the Oromo people. As an abbreviation Oromummaa Foundation is also called HOCOP. The activities of Oromummaa Foundation could be anywhere, where Oromo people live. We work on various issues such as human rights, relief, ideological development, integration and building Oromo unity.

Mostly Oromummaa Foundation missions focus on cases concerning with the issues of rights of refugees (asylum seekers/immigrants case), political prisoners and orphaned children. To bring about a permanent solution the Oromo people’s problems and better coordinated humanitarian activities, Oromummaa Foundation focuses on building up the unity of Oromo people at global level (IUOSA). Although Oromummaa Foundation is established to work Oromo issues, it extends its humanitarian activities for other minorities living in Oromia region. To cater the problems facing the Oromo people and other Africans Oromummaa Foundation will work closely with Regional, Local, National, Continental and International organisations.

The general vision, mission and goal of Oromummaa Foundation revolve around freedom, democracy, peace, Justice and development in Oromia/Ethiopia. It target toward the creation of Peaceful and Happy World.

IUOSA (International unity of Oromo Society Association) Organized under the umbrella of Oromummaa foundation, to do fruitful work based on planned vision, mission and goals. It will also participate in any other things related to the Oromo issues (Before you going to fill this membership form Please read the mission statements, by-laws, view/ideological stand, membership criteria, rights and obligation of members of IUOSA).

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I have read and understood the visions, missions, and goal of Oromummaa Foundation, the constitution and bylaws, ideological views, membership criteria, rights and obligation of members of IUOSA. So by filling this membership form I would like to confirm that I am a member of International Unity of Oromo Society Association.

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Notice! For persons who fills online membership form will be legal member of IUOSA only if or after they have received e-mail approved and authorized by Oromummaa Foundation or IUOSA Authority. This is just to protect incorrect and illegal entrants.

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